1.Natural ingredients only

2.Mighty formulation

3.Eco-friendly packaging


rich moisturizing cream

VXA H13 rich moisturizing cream provides the skin with deep moisture, nourishes and helps protect the skin from environmental influences. It is rich but effectively absorbed leaving skin soft and firmed.  The formula with completely natural ingredients such as: plum kernel oil, almond oil, avocado and shea butter helps to reinforce the skin's lipid barrier, preventing it from losing water and dehydrating.

Calming scent comes from well combined essential oils of geranium, sandalwood, ylang...


night cream

VXA N7 night cream has a rich texture that deeply hydrates, but doesn't feel greasy or heavy. It softens and soothes the skin with natural ingredients such as precious oils from rosehip seeds, plum and apricot and shea butter glycerides. The scent comes from the essential oils of orange and lavender combined with the characteristic scent of marzipan which comes from the cold-pressed unrefined plum kernel oil. Each component in the formulation has certain benefits for the skin after regular...


anti-oxidant face oil

VXA S11 antioxidant face oil is a luxurious and nourishing facial oil that instantly leaves skin visibly firmer a healthy, dewy glow while correcting signs of aging.

A cocktail of 6 nutrient rich botanical oils bursting with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to fight dehydration, fine lines and lack-luster skin. 

It has a woody floral scent that comes from a combination of 4 essential oils which, in addition to the scent, also have an active function on the...


face toner

VXA T3 face tonic is simple formulation consisted of: of witch hazel hydrosol and yarrow hydrosol with the addition of glycerin. 

Both hydrolates have antiseptic and mildly astringent properties, which is why they soothe acne-prone skin. With the addition of glycerin VXA T3, the face tonic additionally softens the skin. 

This non-alcoholic face tonic can be used to remove impurities from the face, as a preparation with the next step in the daily skin care ritual or to soothe irritated...


dry oil for acne-prone skin

Dry oil with a silky texture moisturizes and nourishes problematic and sensitive skin. It helps balancing the secretion of sebum and alleviates inflammatory processes.

The composition of VXA A5 dry oil for problem skin is simple, but the ingredients are rich in beneficial compounds for the skin.

VXA A5 dry oil for problematic skin is also suitable for delicate teenage skin.

VXA BB9 - 100ml

body cream

VXA BB9 body cream leaves skin feeling softened and gives a luxurious hydration experience. It is loaded with tropical oils, butters, and essential oils and as a key ingredients there are: cocoa butter unrefined, coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter. The warm scents of cinnamon essential oil and vanilla absolute is well combined with fresh scent of sweet orange oil giving you a doubt if you should eat it or put on your skin. 

VXA NH22 - 30ml

nourishing hand cream

VXA NH22 hand cream is a powerful formulation that protects and nourishes sensitive hand skin. It is quickly absorbed and provides long-lasting hydration, creating a thin protective film that does not leave greasy traces.

The main ingredients for skin protection and care are: shea butter, calendula oil, hazelnut oil and beeswax. The fresh scent comes from the essential oils of ginger, bergamot and lemon which have additional benefits for the skin.

After use, the skin is nourished and...

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